Sunday, September 25, 2016

New Ninja Steel Yellow Ranger

Old news but I got a new job that has me very busy. Chantz Simpson has been replaced by Nico Greetham as the Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel. Chantz has been good about it and Yoshi Sudarso (Koda) has said to give Nico a chance. I personally had thoughts about it but let's just move on.

Power Rangers Dinosupercharge - Recipe for Disaster a.k.a. Cooking up Something - Episode Review

Keeper explains residue fro the ten Energems made the Dark Energem and was locked in Sentai 6. Kendall says they have to find Silver Ranger's location. Wrench  has made Fortress that knows all the Megazord modes. Heckyl criticizes it, Wrench explains he can pilot him when he is big. Heckyl likes it then. Tyler is a fancy waiter for a food critic that is there for a New Zealand dish called Palvola which Chase is making. Everything he makes it, it blows up from heat. It ends up blowing up all over the food critic who threatens them. She complains about her handbag. Chase said he followed the recipe, she says no second chances. They enter food into the base which kendall doesn't like. Chase finds out he doesn't have his Energem and discovers it is probably in the critic's bag.

Singe returns with Lord Arcanon and Doomwing, Arcanon hired Sledge and Heckyl belongs to him. He outblasts Heckyl. Heckyl becomes Snide. Snide makes Fortress big and pilots it. It attacks the city. Arcanon says he stole the technology and Doomwing summons the T-Rex zord and other zords. Kendall and the Rangers freak out. Arcanon makes the Plesio Charge Megazord and the three monsters in the cockpit. Singe and the other monsters come out. Chase meets with the woman and gets the energem. He saves her from rubble. She tells him if you do the same thing expecting different results, you have to mix things up. More Megazords are formed to go against Fortrress.   The Rangers come out and try to summon the zords and fail. 

The trio go against Snide and loose, they leave. Riley finds the copy Dino Charger. The Rangers control the zords as they morph and enter the zords. Snide says it doesn't matter. Fortress goes against the Rnagers and the zords stand up again. Chase says if they do the same thing, they won't win, they have to make a new formation. Kendall says she needs time. They call the Titano Charge Megazord. It fights Fortress but Snide stops them. Kendall comes on her bike as Purple and tells them to form Ultrazord. Purple enters. The seven of them enter the cokcpit. Snide becomes Heckyl and Heckyl doesn't care and wants to adapt. The Ultrazord naturally destroys Fortress, Heckyl escapes. Heckyl calls Fury.

Singe, Arcanon and Doomwing come. Arcanon lifts up Heckyl. Doomwing and Singe takes Heckyl. At the base, the Rangers show Kendall the fake chargers. They think Silver Ranger might be evil and gave them the info. Keeper says he can't be evil. So they figure he might have been captured. Chase gives the critic a new cake and she enjoys a slice. In the base, Heckyl is put back in his cell. Arcanon is taking over, Wrench, Curio and Poisandra cower in fear. Singe wants to destroy Heckyl, Arcanon says no, he has something to control him....

Pretty good episode. But I don't like how Sledge only lasted one season. Lord Arceanon being on top of things, it would've been nice if he came in sooner. He was the boss in Kyoryuger. And those who haven't seen Kyoryuger, there is a spoiler about Doomwing. Ive yet to see Doomwing or Singe toys in stores. My nephew asked how many more eps for Silver and asked how many are left. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Power Rangers DIno Supercharge - Catching Some Rays - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
Chase and Ivan talk to Kendall about talking to the Silver Ranger and using the Plesio Zord to go to space but she says intergalactic communication is complex. Meanwhile, Tyler shows Koda how to use a sink hose which he is scared of. An elderly woman asks Shelby for tea in the cafe which seems to be empty. The old woman comes and turns off the water. Everyone comes in and Kendall wants a plumber. Kendall and the old woman hug, she is her grandma Betty. She went exploring a cave and shows her a big shield, a light reflector. Koda looks at it and says he knows it. Tyler and Koda and the others go to the canyon where Betty found it.

Koda finds a cave and says it was his home. They see the cave drawings, Koda translates them about a forbidden part his grandfather didn;t let him go. Ivan and the others think he can break the rules. He goes past and nothing is happening. They go into the forbidden part and they find a door that Riley and Chase unblock. It glows and releases a force. The force flies out. The Rangers go after it. It is a monster. The Rangers fight the monster. The monster flies to the sun and everyone dives to safety.

The monster makes the Rangers playful and they forget they are Rangers with a sun beam. Kendall and Koda weren't hit. Shelby says she is on vacation. Koda says if they go into sunshine, it makes everyone stop working. Koda says lens is important. Heckyl is mad at the Loafer and his siter Leisure is in space near the sun. So they are twins. Loafer says monsters are immune to it. Heckyl wants to steal their Energems. Poisandra says the Rangers are on vacation. Chase jumps over the Rangers on his skateboard. Poisandra and Curio want to steal their Energems and go on bikes. Chase sings and Poisandra tries taking his energem. Poisandra and Curio and grow tired. Koda and Kendall fix the symbols and put a light on the lens and it doesn't work. Koda says he shouldn't listen to his grandpa, Kendall says he isn't the first to not listen to his grandparent, so she goes to get her grandmother. Fury and the monster arrive. Ivan teases him with his Energem. 

Kendall asks her grandma for help and she holds her shoulders and is happy. Kendall says she always needs her help. Betty looks at the lens and find they should have a secondary lens. She uses from her eyeglasses and puts it in. They change the people in the cafe back to normal. Kendall hugs her grandma. Koda comes out in a sun protecting clothes and meets Fury, Poisandra and Loafer. He morphs and fights them. The Rangers hula wth the monster.

 Purple Ranger is in the Plesio Zord. Plesio Charge Megazord fights Leisure and she blows up. Plesio Zord makes the Rangers go back to normal with a lens and the Sun. The Rangers fight Viviks  and Loafer. Red goes super and defeats Loader. Koda is exhausted. Back at the ship, Poisandra and Curio want to go on vacation but Heckyl puts them on cleaning duty. He takes her tickets to Hawaii and gives them to the Vivicks. In the caves, Koda tells his grandfather he is still his hero. Kendall calls them that she could communicate Silver Ranger and talk about the dark Energem. He wants all their data, Kendall isn't sure, Keeper is. 

Episode Review:
When you think it will be a Kendall episode, it ends up being a Koda episode. We know zip-de-do-da about Kendall. It would've been interesting if her grandma was the one who funded the museum or something. Also, we have never seen a flashback of how Kendall met Keeper, that wouldve been interesting. I like how it ties in Kendall's grandmother with Koda's grandfather. I don't like that there are twin monsters, one trapped and one in space, it is confusing. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Gokaiger in Zyuohger

UPDATED 9/6/16

With the premiere Zyuoh Whale, these are the 1999th and 2000th episode of Super Sentai starting today and next one September 11. Gokaiger will appear in an episode of Zyuoher. Even though I would had liked a teamup special. The six Gokaiger actors return. In the pictures, the Gokaiger become Red Rangers (Red Racer, Hime Shinken Red, VulEagle, female GekiRed, female MagiRed, BoukenRed, Red Flash, female GingaRed, Tyrannoranger and GoseiRed) and there are the keys of Aoninja, Kyoryu Pink, Toq 4 Gou, Yellow Buster and Aka Ranger. 

Power Rangers Dino Supercharge - Love at First Fight - Episode Review

A female Vivik is after Curio. Poisandra changes her into Beauticruel with magic makeup and Heckyl comes up with a plan. Kendall calls for the Silver Ranger. Chase makes a toy rocket for Kaylee. Koda messed up his own model. For their date. Chase gives Kaylee space food. The Rangers are called and Chase thinks no one is around when Beauticruel arrives. Poisandra paints the male Rangers (Koda, Ivan and Riley), giving them their powers to the Viviks. Poisandra and Wrench leave. Chase and Tyler go after them, Poisandra and Beautiful grab a girl and switch bodies with Beauticruel The girl is devastated to be Beauticruel, Curio puts her in the garbage. 

The Rangers return to normal. Beauticruel as a girl runs away from Poisandra and Chase and Tyler come to the rescue. Beauticruel hugs Tyler and paints him, making him fall for her. Tyler and the girl leave, Chase go after them. At the Dino Cafe, Shelby is surprised. The girl looks at the Energem. Shelby throws the smoothie on her, Tyler is mad at her and they leave. Ivan notices the paint on his back. The Rangers go to base. Kaylee comes to Chase. Chase lies to her. The Rangers rescue the real Britney from a garbage bin and she explains her situation. They dress her up in a ghost costume. Prince Philip arrives as reinforcement. 

They come up with the plan to have Chase hcarm the real Beauticruel. Chase flirts with her and they push Tyler to the Rangers. Beauticruel and Chase elaves. Snide is screaming to Poisnadra and Wrench and turns back into Heckyl. Snide thinks Black Ranger is up to something. Heckyl doesn't. Chase tells the real Beauticruel that he usually likes girls with bobs, big lips an other descriptions of Beauticruel. Beauticruel smiles. Kaylee sees this. Beauticruel leaves. Kaylee accusses Chase and runs off. Chase tells Kendall the monster is on its way. Kaylee runs after Chase. Beauticruel wants her body back and switches with Brittney. Chase arrives. Kaylee watches. The Rangers arrive. Kaylee smiles. Kendall takes Britney home.

Chase blasts the paint pallet and Tyler is back to normal. Shelby syas she's the wrong girl for him. Poisnadra mourns her makeup. Viviks are called. T-Rex Super Charge is called and beats Beauticruel. Snide is mad and makes Beauticruel big. Titano Zord is called and blasts at the Vivikzords and Beauticruel. Titano Charge Megazord is formed and Black goes Super Drive. Spikeballs attack them. Ptera Charge Megazord Tricera formation is formed and Black, Gold and Pink pilot it while Graphite, Red, Green and Blue pilot the Titano. The Ptera goes through all five, and they are destroyed. 

Back at Sledge's slip, Heckyl mixes the makeup and paints Poisandra and Wrench,, he mismatches their heads. Back at Dino Cafe, Chase and Kaylee talk. Chase can;t tel her. Kaylee gives him something and it is half of Beauticruel's makeup, saying she knew liked the Black Ranger. He tells her it has to be a secret. She promises not to doubt him. When Chase enters the base, they get a video cam of Silver Ranger, that the silver enegem might be lost forever.

Kaylee is always great to see, a great ep. The actress who played Beauticruel/Britney was great too. More later.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Power Rangers Dino Supercharge - Gone Fishin - Episode Review

No Spoilers
Koda, Shelby, Chase, and Riley are fishing with Riley's bro Matt and Koda catches two with bare hands. Matt tells Riley it is not a competition when he tries measuring the fish. Chase keep catching trash. Tyler shows Ivan on his phone. 

Phillip and Jane's enter the base saying the silver energem is not on Earth and Kendall detects a small object landing on Earth. It is a message from Silver ranger, about the zord being on Earth and the message is intercepted by Singe. Kendall, Tyler, Ivan, James and Philip transform. 

They beat the back and take the device to the lab. Koda throws the fishing pole, Matt gets Chase's lucky hat. Matt leaves mad to his boat when Riley is too competitive. Meanwhile a,new monster is deployed. In the base, Keeper is surprised that the energem ends up in space. Tyler and Kendall want to send a message to the Silver Ranger. Hookbeard electrifies Matt's boat and Matt falls in the water. Chase finds a burned boat. Riley is worried that Matt is missing. 

Matt finds himself in a dark and wet place, he calls Riley. He sends a picture of the symbol and they find that he's inside the titano zord. The outdoor rangers contact the base rangers. Matt's phone dies/ Poisandra, Wrench and the Spikeballs arrive as Hookbeard attacks the lake to destroy the zord. 8 rangers reunite, morph and fight the bad guys. 

Red and Fury fight. Keeper dispatches Fury and releases Titano Zord from the lake. Red goes super, the Rangers fight as the Zord rise. Monster isn't destroyed, the victory and x chargers take out and destroy the monster. Monster grows, purple arrives. Kendall says all the chargers are needed. 

Riley demorphs, the Rangers put their chargers in it Matt is taken out. The Rangers enter the Titano Zord and destroy a Spikeball and fight Hookbeard. They form the Titano Charge Megazord/They fight. Hookbeard goes down.  Red calls the saber and destroys the monster. Back in Sledge's ship, Heckyl questions Singe. Singe and Heckyl fight, Singe leaves, saying he has a boss, Fury enters, Heckyl tells Fury to destroy Singe the next time he sees him. Fury is more than happy about it. Singe leaves in his space craft. 

Keeper returns the lake. Keeper says almost all ten energems are together. James says this will finally be over. James and Tyler hug, Matt and Riley talk. Riley apologizes. Matt says he wouldn't be here if he didn't save him. Riley says they might fight but they are still brothers. Chase is happy with his trash and Koda eats worms. 

The plot thickens with Singe. This is a jampacked episode, I feel like Riley and Matt's relationship could had been delved into more but oh well. There are just too many characters now to keep track of. I really do wish the Silver Ranger was Matt or someone we knew other than we already know it is, spoiled by foreign airings. No Spoilers here. Pretty good episode.